DMO 17 june 2017 in Tilburg

This year the Dutch Masters Open will be on the 4-lanes Watersportbaan Tilburg in stead of on the Willem-Alexander Baan near Rotterdam.


Robert-Paul Prijt:  rpp@ziggo.nl


Saturday 11 june 2016       

1000m races for young and old

Just as in previous years, the DMO programme will comprise masters races for all age categories in all racing shell categories. Juniors will be able to race in 1x, 2x, 4*/4x and 8* (scull-rigged eight), corporate teams in 8+ and C4+, and para-rowers in all Olympic boat categories and some others.

For masters who have only recently started rowing (beginners), the programme will include races in 8* (scull-rigged eight) and C4+ categories. Junior events will be in three age groups, and the two over-15 groups will be splitinto a category for rowers who have never competed in a national 2000m race (beginners) and and open category.





Reduction of waves on the course

Winds regularly cause significant disruptive wave motion on the Willem-Alexander Course. The Bubbles Committee of the DMO is corrently experimenting with bubble curtains to reduce the formation of waves on the course. This method has been used with success on the rowing course in Vienna at the World Championships 1991.

Updated handicap factors

If heats comprise crews in different masters age categories,  different types of boat or with differences in gender composition, the starting system will start the crews at time intervals after each other. These time intervals are based on handicap factors. This year the updated (2015) handicap factors will be applied. One of the effects of this is that crews aged 65 to 75 will have shorter time intervals than according to the previous handicap factors.                    

Video and photo's

In addition to the video of some starts, you will find some pictures on DMO photo's page and on the website of RV Rijnland.