Dutch Masters Open (Rowing) 2014

The second Dutch Masters Open regatta (DMO) will take place on 14 and 15 June 2014. This year we expect even more crews from both inside and outside the Netherlands to take part. Once again the DMO will be organised by Rijnland, De Maas and Breda rowing clubs. Most races will be rowed side by side over 1000m on the Willem-Alexander Course near Rotterdam. Masters will be able to start in all boat types and all master categories. If more than one type and/or category starts in the same heat, starting time intervals will be used. In effect this means that older crews and slower boat types will be given a head start.

This year the DMO has a number of new race categories. As a result, racing will take place from early morning to late afternoon on both days.

Only one entry in a race?

In the latest news (down right) has been described how we will deal the cases of only one entry.

In some cases your race will be moved to another block. Check this!

Weather code

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  Masters: mixed 4x A-K has been added to the programme.

Municipal eights: race for participants from the municipalities of Rotterdam, Zuidplas (where the course is located) and Lansingerland (the neighbouring municipality).

Para-rowers: Olympic categories and TA 1x will be held on both days. We hope to attract a wide international participation.

Corporate boats: in addition to corporate mixed 8+, the event corporate C4+ has been added to the programme. These events will count towards the overall Dutch rankings of corporate crews.

Juniors: in a total of 34 boat and age categories, the finals of the regional youth competition will take place on Saturday between the other blocks. In addition, there are 16 events for junior competitive rowers. The youngest and most inexperienced rowers will race over 500m, the others over 1000 m.

Family 4* has been added to the Sunday morning programme.

Starting procedure

Everything you want - and need - to know about starting with and without starting time intervals »